How To Add Touchscreen To Laptop Using AirBar

How To Add Touchscreen To Laptop Using AirBar

How To Add Touchscreen To Laptop Using AirBar

Today, BangsTech will be showing you how to add Touchscreen to Laptop. This Pc trick is easy and doesn’t require much. You can  easily convert an old windows Non-Touchscreen into touch screen laptop using AirBar for Windows.

What Is AirBar 

Airbar is a device that gives your non-touch windows 10 notebook touchscreen functionalities. Airbar will allow you to experience the best of windows 10 by simply attaching it to the bottom of your laptop bezel with the magnets provided, plugging it into the USB port.

Non-touchscreen laptop users can use this hardware to control what is on their computer screen easily. This is actually possible to add touchscreen to laptop and not some unreal tech tricks.

How Does AirBar Work?

AirBar for windows works with most laptops with display measuring 13.3, 14 or 15. 6 inches diagnally.

This device is a slim module which magnets to the bottom of a PC’s display. So when you have attached it, you will plug it to the USB port in which the sensor will be activated.

The PC will start to emit invisible light to the Non-Touchscreen pc to detect the user’s gesture.

How To Get Started

  • Get the size that best fits your computer.
  • Position Airbar on the bezel below your laptop’s display, with the top of the device 3mm below the bottom of the display(the small marks on either side of your Airbar are markers for the display to fit inside).
  • Attach Aibar to the bottom bezel and press gently above the magnet point.
  • Remove the Airbar, then press the magnets and hold for 10 seconds. (make sure the two magnets are secured on your laptop under the display.
  • Simply attach your Airbar to the magnets on your laptop, plug in the USB and that’s it. Your laptop now has full touchscreen functionalities

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