Join BangsTech Active Telegram Group and Channel if you are yet to Join

Join BangsTech Active Telegram Group and Channel if you are yet to Join

Join BangsTech Active Telegram Group and Channel if you are yet to Join

It has come to my notice that not all readers and followers of this Blog has connected with us socially via our Facebook PageIntagram page, Twitter page, Whatsapp groupTelegram group chat and Channel

If you are yet to connect with us via our Social media channels, then you must be missing something big. This is the main reason why I’m bringing up this post.

BangsTech Telegram group chat was launched in February 2019, which is approximately 2years old, and there are still many of us who are not informed about the group and channel. The group is still active and fast growing with gurus in the aspect of free browsing cheats and phone solutions.

I will urge you all to join BangsTech Telegram group chat and Channel and meet other Blog users there who are ready to help you on any Technical issues. You will get to meet new people, make friends and learn from other blog users.

Before I continue, let’s see to the rules and regulations of the group.


  1. Some of the information shared on the group will be directly proportional to what is posted on the Blog.
  2. Members of the group are free to share their user experience of BangsTech Blog including challenges and success stories.
  3. I will not welcome any person that his/her intention is to disorganize the group by posting irrelevant stuffs. The group is strictly for sharing free browsing cheats, providing assistance to your phone issues and other tech related issues.
  4. You must write your name on your profile so that members will know you by your name or nickname for easy communication and references.
  5. I welcome other bloggers in the Tech blogosphere also to participate in the group and share diverse ideas.
  6. There must not be ethnicity difference in the group because all of us will automatically be one family no matter the part of the world you are joining from.
  7. I can choose to add some members who participates in the group, help others and read the blog regularly as group Admins and moderators to take care of the Group while I get busy on the Blog.
  8. Members of the group should not think or expect everything on BangsTech Blog to be explained word by word on the group. Rather it is just to give you notice that such a thing is fully explained on the blog at that time. *Some premium services might be charged when you contact owner for such services*.
  9. You must not spam or share links to external sites, otherwise you will be restricted automatically from performing some actions in the Group for 24hrs without notice.
  10. Everyone has the right and permission to Invite other members into this Group Chat using this link
  11. Admins, Moderators or Bot will never remove any Member from this group henceforth.

Feel free and comfortable. We are one here. Let’s follow the RULES and i promise there will be more Freebies from me to you guys in the group.


That’s all. See you online there, because I’m always online 24/7 both on this Blog, in the group and channel as well.



    March 23, 2021 at 5:37 pm

    Best view i have ever seen !

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