Telegram to Feature Payments 2.0, Scheduled Voice Chats and New Web Versions

Telegram to Feature Payments 2.0, Scheduled Voice Chats and New Web Versions

Telegram to Feature Payments 2.0, Scheduled Voice Chats and New Web Versions

Telegram is currently working on great features, This features are Payments 2.0 for all Telegram chats, Scheduling and Mini Profiles for Voice Chats, new Telegram apps for your browser

Due to the fact that this is a major update, you will have to manually download the Telegram app from the official application store, rather than the OTA update. This information was made public by Telegram on their official website, you can read about it here..

This new Telegram update will not be made available so quickly for Android users due to Google’s adjusted work schedules pertaining to the world’s current situation. So to get the update quickly, you can go to their official website and search for the latest version, this doesn’t apply to iOS users because the update will be made quickly.

How does Telegram Payments 2.0 work?

This new payment feature allows users to make payments to merchants using credit cards. Telegram will not take any commission or fee unlike PayPal does, your information wouldn’t be stored/save as well. Furthermore, Buyers can add a tip whenever they make a purchase to show some extra love to their favorite artists, stores, or delivery drivers which is optional on the application, all these can be accessed both on the apps and desktop apps. Merchants can start using the Payments API without getting additional approvals from Telegram. Developers interested in integrating payments can find all the details in the Payments Manual.

Here is an official  Demo channel  so you can get an understanding of how it works.

Scheduled Voice Chats

Telegram Voice Chats give users the option to catch up with a few friends or tune in to massive broadcasts with millions of listeners. Admins of groups and channels can easily schedule a Voice Chat for a particular date and time instead of creating one right away. This gives community members time to let their friends know and get the popcorn ready.

Users will see a colorful countdown at the top of the chat. Those too busy to watch the countdown can opt to receive a notification when the voice chat starts.

New Web Versions

Telegram will be adding two new, fully-featured Telegram web apps – both supporting animated stickersdark modechat folders and more. With the new web versions Users can get instant access to their chats on any device, both desktop or mobile. These apps are incredibly efficient, requiring only a 400 KB download and no installation.

For WebK and WebZ Web apps, these new updates will feature Dark Mode, animated stickers, chat folders, payments, and more.

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